What do us Women Really Want for Valentine’s Day?

It’s that time of year again…. Hearts, Chocolate, Flowers and Love. But have you asked yourself what she really wants for Valentine’s Day? Some of us will say nothing, or we don’t care or whatever you want to do. But most of us really want are few important things:

  • A day of relaxation.
    • Perhaps a spa day with a body massage, pedicure or relaxing with a floating spa day.
  • Make-Over day.
    • Send her out to her favorite salon for a fresh hair cut and style. This always makes us women feel good.
  • A clean home.
    • What lady does not like to come home to a house that is sparkling clean and she does not have to life a finger. Hire a maid service to handle this for you, perhaps while she is out having her make-over and day of relaxation.
  • Date night.
    • Rather it is a night out or a night at home. A nice dinner, perhaps some dancing around the house and alone time. All of this will let her know you care and make her feel special.
  • Sleep.
    • Let her sleep in, maybe even breakfast in bed. She will love the fact that you let her sleep in while you got the kids ready for school, took the dogs for a walk or prepared breakfast. Trust me, us women love to sleep in after all the hard work we do.

Women if you are reading this share it with your man. Let him know what you really want. Men, if you are reading this take the hint and make this day all about her where she has very little she has to do.

Happy Valentine’s Day from T&T Maids