Valentine’s Day guide for guys

Valentine’s Day guide for guys:

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching some men (and women) struggle with what to get their significant other for that romantic day. From chocolate to flowers and many in between, the gifts are limitless. Below is a list of a few gift ideas that is guaranteed to impress.

  1. Jewelry – Make sure if you go the jewelry route that you get something that your significant other likes. Some women only like gold jewelry or white gold. There are also allergies to maybe consider. A simple and elegant necklace and earring set with a pendant is always flawless and will impress her with your skills to pick out something classy.
  2. Completely planned date night – Guys, your biggest mistake when going on a date night is making her make too many decisions. Make a reservation at a restaurant, don’t ask where she wants to eat, we all know how that will end. Have the date planned out, all she has to do is get dressed. If you really want to impress her, have a nice outfit already picked out for her. Make it as effortless as possible on her.
  3. Flowers or plants – Some women do not like flowers because they eventually die, in that case, opt for a rose plant or a small house plant. Something she can grow and will always be reminded of the thoughtful gift every time she looks at it.
  4. Maid service gift certificate – This one will be a great idea for the busy moms out there. As a mom of three boys with a full-time job myself, I know that this would be the ultimate gift. Find your local housekeeping company (T&T Maids!) and see if they offer gift certificates (we do!). She can set up service twice a month or even once a month, then that one day is one less thing on her plate. Help keep the stress levels down, I promise it will get you lots of brownie points!
  5. Mini Shopping Spree – Women love to shop! Yeah, I said that four-letter word men hate. We love going into the store and there are all the open opportunities for new things. Take her to her favorite store and let her shop. If they have a sale then it’s even better!

Of course, anything you get your loved one, as long as it comes from the heart, is sure to make her heart skip a beat. So don’t stress too much over the gift, only you know her real inner self. Buy something that speaks to you that really says “this is undeniably the perfect gift”. Sometimes that perfect something doesn’t even cost any money. A night in with her favorite food and movie may be the way to go also especially to a mom. Good luck fellows and Happy Valentine’s Day!

– Hanna