Professional Cleaning Company

Professional Cleaning Company vs. Individual

Choosing between hiring a company or individual to clean your home.

Hiring someone to clean your home can take away so much of your stress while leaving you with a clean home to relax in.  But when it comes to hiring that person, it can be a bit frightening.  Do you hire a company or an individual?  This is a big decision to make.  After all, this person will be coming into your home, your personal space and cleaning it.  There is no right or wrong answer as to who you should choose.  When deciding between hiring a company or individual to clean your home, it all depends on your needs and what you feel the most comfortable with.

This article will hopefully give you some help when choosing that right person, rather it is a company or individual. 

When hiring a company, the employees normally are required to go through several aspects before being hired and after hired.  Such as, they have a background check and references performed on them.  Once hired, they often must go through training a program the company offers.  Here at T&T Maids we have a trainer that works with the new hire for a minimum of two weeks.  There is also a training quiz that each new hire must complete along with a quality check before they are assigned their houses to be cleaned.

When a cleaner is out sick, on vacation or has a day off, a company normally has a back up cleaner to fill in so that your appointment does not have to be rescheduled. 

Professional cleaning companies are structured that will protect both you the client and the cleaning staff.  They will carry liability insurance, workers compensation and bonded.   The liability insurance will cover the cost of repairing or replacing an item if it is damaged accidentally by the cleaner.  Workers comp will pay the medical bills if a cleaner is accidentally hurt while cleaning your home.  This takes stress off you having to cover medical bills or damage through your home insurance policy. 

Most professional cleaning companies do charge more than an individual cleaner.  Individuals are often able to charge less by not having liability insurance, being licensed, or other such requirements that are required for professional cleaning companies.  Despite the cheaper option, just as with many other services, the cheaper choice can come at a “cost” to you. 

The quality of work is often backed a 100% by a professional cleaning company. 

Also, you must remember when hiring an individual, depending how often they clean your home and how much you pay them annually, they may be considered an employee of yours and you may have to pay taxes.  You can always check with the IRS guidelines about domestic help. 

When you hire an individual, you are normally going to pay less than a professional company because they do not have as many expenses and sometimes their schedule is more customizable for different situations. 

The decision comes to what is in your best interest.  Do you want to pay more to cut out the risk of legal issues, know that the person you are hiring has been vetted and trained to a standard of quality cleaning? Whoever you choose to hire, should make your house beautiful and your life less stressful.