Is there really a difference between hiring a Professional Cleaning Company vs. an Individual?

If you have already started your search, I am sure you are overwhelmed with the options there are, where to begin and who to hire. There are several options from the well-known franchise companies to the independent individual who works from their vehicle. Then there are companies who are locally owned and operated with a small office staff, cleaning crews that have been with the company for a period of time and clean the same client’s home every time, such as T&T Maids of Cleaning.

In most situations, the quote priced from an independent will be lower than a professional cleaning service. A lower price often sounds and looks like the better option to choose when deciding who to have clean your home. Nevertheless, there are many other factors to consider besides the price, and should you focus exclusively on the price? If so then ask yourself why the price may be higher. Here are a few significant things to consider besides just the price when choosing between a larger service versus an independent individual cleaner.

1. Do I want to be the employer of this individual? If you paid an individual house cleaner more than $2,100 for house cleaning in 2019, you are considered their employer and responsible for withholding all taxes and paying them as their employer. If you paid $110 biweekly (26 weeks), that is $2,860. You are now the individual housecleaner’s employer. Publication 926 explains the exact details of being the employer.

If you choose to go with a company, then you only have to worry about paying the company you chose for the housecleaning and let them take care of all the legality as the housecleaner’s employer.

2. The availability of your cleaner. Often with an individual you work with their schedule of when they are available. If your cleaner is ill, on vacation, or appointments that cannot be rescheduled then your cleaning is often rescheduled.

Hiring a professional company, the cleaning services are defined by a work schedule and often there is a back-cleaner to fill in when your cleaning technician(s) are not available to work. You often also are able to choose the day and time you want your cleaning to happen. This may not always be the case with an independent individual.

3. Are the cleaning technician(s) trained? The majority of your professional cleaning services will interview, perform a background check and train the hired cleaning technicians before placing them in your home to clean.

You may think training? Cleaning is just that, cleaning. Cleaning is not just dusting and mopping surfaces. Each home is different, and cleaning is not just cleaning. Each home comes with its own instructions as to what is to be cleaned and how. Cleaning technicians are trained on specific cleaning products, what is safe for children and pets and what is safe for different types of wood, granite, marble, etc.

Also, it is important for the cleaning technicians to have a pre-employment background check performed. Do not be afraid to ask a independent individual for a background check if you plan to go that route in hiring a cleaning tech for your home. When giving a person access to your home, it is better to be safe than sorry.

4. What about if something is broken? Most professional companies are and should be insured with liability insurance. This protects you in the event something is broken during the cleaning. It gives you a piece of mind from an additional expense if this should happen. The company’s liability insurance will take care of this or if in a small dollar amount situation, the company will cover the cost of replacing or having the broken item fixed. Will the independent individual you hire be able to give you this piece of mind?

5. Is the service I receive guaranteed? Professional cleaning services are determined to provide you with an outstanding quality of work. If you are not satisfied, they will redo any areas that you are not satisfied with and will often offer you a discounted price for any inconvenience. Will the individual you hire be able to have the time to redo or even the resources to offer a discount? When choosing between an individual or professional company you might want to ask if the 100% satisfaction guarantee of services is important for you.

When choosing who you will have clean your home is an important decision. This is your home that you are allowing someone to enter. Price plays a large part of determining your decision. Whether, you choose an independent individual or a professional company, there is no wrong choice. You must decide what is most important to you – price, flexibility, piece of mind, security, etc., then go with the decision that feels best for you.